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" If you’re not buying from Adams, you’re paying too much! "

M. Adams Equipment Co. has been in business for 57 years specializing in buying and selling used construction equipment. By specializing in used equipment, we have developed a strong understanding of what it takes to put a machine into good operating condition ready for the job site.

We have several employees who have been with Adams Equipment over 20 years each, and two generations of Adams family involved in this business. It is this devotion to the industry and care for customers that has kept M. Adams Equipment Co. the #1 used equipment dealer in the midwest.

Stop in and look at our equipment and you will see why our competitors compare themselves to us.

Have your best mechanic inspect our equipment, test it on our 3 acre test site and he will fully recommend doing business with M. Adams Equipment co.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are only two views of the equipment on the website, can I get more?

YYes. As equipment comes in, we post photos of the machine. After the machine is inspected and repaired, if necessary, we will add additional pictures with several different views. Call if you have any special requests.   Go to Top

What sets you apart from all the other dealers?

We don't leave you guessing on what we sell, what its condition is, or how much it will cost you. Everything we sell retail is in good, very good, or excellent condition. We will give you our best evaluation of the equipment. Our equipment is run through our shops and given a full inspection. We look for leaks, loose linkage, bad wiring and many other issues that can arise. Each unit is put into a job ready condition and ready to work for you.   Go to Top

What about after the sale support?

Our after-sale support is excellent. If you need parts, service advice or help with diagnostics, we can help. We offer repair of your unit at our facility at very reasonable rates   Go to Top

Do you have spare parts available?

Yes, we sell a variety of aftermarket parts for most major brands of equipment at about 25% to 75% off of the manufacturer's list price. Please call with the OEM part numbers and we will see what we can do to save you money.   Go to Top

I don't see any hours listed, how many hours are on the unit?

Call us and we will give you the reading on the existing hour meter and our best evaluation as to whether it seems accurate to the machine. After a machine is 5 or 6 years old, there is no way to know the actual hours unless it is a one owner machine from a source you can trust. We do not generally post the hour meter reading because of this. Some "OTHER" dealers have been known to swap out hour meters with low hour units. We do not do this. We believe the equipment speaks for itself. How a machine was maintained and how it was repaired means more than the hour meter reading. If you must buy based on an hour meter reading we will do our best to find you a machine with lower hours.    Go to Top

Do you have delivery available?

Yes, we have delivery available within the U.S. and Canada. The cost depends on the size of the load, its weight, permits required, escort required, etc. The current average price for delivery of a legal load is $4.50 per loaded mile. For an oversize or overweight load, freight runs between $5.00 and $10.00 per loaded mile. We can usually get your equipment hauled for less than the rest. We work with several trucking companies that do back hauls at reduced rates. For local deliveries the cost is $110.00 per hour start to finish.   Go to Top

Do you have full service records on your equipment?

Most of the time service records are not available to us from the seller. Sometimes we get verbal information of service work but we have been misled many times. For this reason we don't pass on any undocumented information. We go on what we see in the machine through our inspection and evaluation process. Any machine that does not meet our standards is sold at auction, not retail. On some late model units that we buy we do get some service records that are available to our customers.   Go to Top

What is your best price?

We advertise all of our prices and as such feel it is important to advertise a price we mean. Occasionally we can discount or offer a reduced delivery price but we don't have the huge markups of the other dealers. Are you looking for cheap equipment or quality equipment at a good price?   Go to Top

Do you have financing available?

M. Adams Equipment Co. has financing available through several finance and lease companies. We work with them to get you a good rate. Our sources specialize in used equipment. That is where we can help.   Go to Top

Do you lease or lease to own?

On some equipment we do offer a 7 day rental purchase. You rent the unit for a month and pay shipping for both directions up front. If you decide to purchase the unit AND pay for it within the first 7 day period we will credit you all your rental and return shipping. We know the quality of our equipment can stand up to the test and give you confidence. Contact our sales staff for additional information on how we can help. Some geographic limitations apply. Contact our sales staff for more information.   Go to Top

Do you buy equipment?

Yes. If you have equipment to sell, send us good photos of your equipment along with the serial number and the price you would like to get for it. If it looks good and the price is reasonable we will come and inspect it and write you a check on the spot. Much of our equipment comes from contractors like you. We can handle a single piece to a spread of any size.   Go to Top